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Danone is a global leader with a unique health-focused portfolio in food and beverages. The Nutricia brand delivers an important part of Danone’s unique, health-focused portfolio.

Solution details

Nutriklub is multi-channel advisory ecosystem providing personalized user experience. It’s target audience are mother and expecting mother, which are looking for reliable and professional source of parenting and baby nutrition advice.

We have been working with Danone Nutritia on Nutriklub project since its launch in 2010. Thanks to longterm communication, we are not technology providers, bu partners in the development of new functions, UX and design.

  • On-line professional advisory
  • center with articles, live chat and hot-line
  • Customer journey personalized
  • accordingly to baby’s stage of development
  • Helpful & engagement apps like
  • Baby's diary, Growth charts, Allergy risk calculator
  • Serving two countries (CZ & SK)

[9 years]

Specialists creating

[100 000+]

Satisfied mothers
and fathers


Articles from

[25 000+]


We created modular ecosystem,
that is continuosly growing

Nutricia is our client since 2011. In 2018 we started to work on a redesign of Nurtiklub portal. We prepared
a new design for whole portal and developed
new front-end and back-end.

Beside portal, we programmed new CRM system. Nutriklub is not only a portal, it's a whole ecosystem consisting of portal, CRM, newsletters+push notification system, Exponea + other analytics tools and Nutrimimi mobile application. All in GDPR friendly enviroment..

Nutriklub system integration
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Path 3
Path 4

Selected project parts


Nutriklub articles phone


Nutriklub articles phone

Conseling and live chat

Nutriklub articles phone


Nutriklub articles phone