Agile tech transformation for your business to

We’re a highly-skilled and experienced team of business analysts, UX designers and software developers. We solve tech and business challenges by combining innovation with expertise.

Our approach:

We help businesses to react fast in changing world
by giving technology advantage.

Agile innovations

Change is opportunity for innovative products, services, channels. Innovation is the key to creating value.

Working with business teams

Time matters more than ever. Business and IT teams must work together to iterate in rapid development cycles.

10+ years of experience
for demanding clients

Our case studies


Agile digitalization
core sales process

Core system used to streamline workflow across departments, suppliers
and customers Sales process optimization and automation.

Workflow management
SLA Support

How we helped IKEA to sell more efficient

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Marketing platform
& data integration

Consolidation of multiple data sources into GDPR compliant Data Warehouse. Future ready data architecture enabling innovations and integrations Multi-channel advisory ecosystem providing personalized user experience.

Web portals
Customer zones
APIS & Integration
CX, UX & Design
SLA Support

How we helped Nutricia do grow in digital word

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Using data prediction to create new business model

AI powered mobile platform helping wine growers around the word to use data and proprietary predictions for efficient wine growing.

Web portals
Customer zone
APIS & Integration
Mobile app
CX, UX & Design
AI & Data

How we helped IKEA to sell more efficient

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Open source tool used

Craftable is a Laravel-based open-source toolkit for building administration interfaces. It ships with a powerful CRUD generator to accelerate the development of your CMS, CRM or other back-office system.